Polymerization Reaction and Colloid Engineering (PRCE)

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Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Massimo Morbidelli, Prof. Dr. Paolo Arosio

Assistants: Peter FleckensteinStefano Caimi

Lecture schedule: Tuesday 13h45-15h30 (HCI J3) and Wednesday 11h45-12h30 (HCI J6) >> Course catalogue

Lecture notes:

Introduction to MatLab
MatLab will be a very important tool to solve the exercises. If you do not feel confortable with the program yet, please have a look to the slides of the Matlab Introduction course or check an older tutorial page for MatLab: MatLab tutorial (German)

Exercises WS 2016

For more informations on the exercises, please see the guidelines (PDF, 301 KB).


If you have any questions concerning the exercises or the lecture in general, contact the lecture assistants.

Additional Materials

Students can download Matlab with a free ETH network license from IDES.

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